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What We Do

What We Do

Keeping Families Together When It Matters Most

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During a child's hospitalization, parents need to be as close as possible to their child. Traveling to a distant home can be exhausting and expensive—even worse, it takes valuable time away from their child and medical staff.  Parents find themselves sleeping in hospital waiting rooms or even their car in order to be close to their child.

By providing the necessities of life—lodging, meals, and more—we support families in the round-the-clock care of their hospitalized children. We keep families together when it matters most.  

This year, 

  • 1,500 families will stay with us for an average of 15 nights each.
  • 10,000 people will visit our Family Care Center at least once during their child's hospitalization.
  • 200 siblings of hospitalized children will attend our onsite school.
  • We will serve more than 150,000 meals, free of charge to families with hospital identification.

How do we do it? Only with your help!

  • More than 500 volunteers contribute over 60,000 hours of service annually.
  • Over 280 corporate, community, and faith groups provide meals each year. 
  • Thousands of San Diegans make donations to keep our House open to families in need.