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Eligibility and Referral

Eligibility and Referral Process

In order to stay at the Ronald McDonald House of San Diego, you will need to contact a social worker where your child is hospitalized. Your social worker will assess your needs for lodging and other non-medical needs and assist you in completing a referral form. Please be aware that space is limited, and that a referral is not a reservation, and does not guarantee that a room will be available. House staff will determine allocation of rooms or other housing assistance during your child’s hospital stay.

The Ronald McDonald House® of San Diego, which is operated by Ronald McDonald House Charities® of San Diego, does not discriminate against any person or family based upon race, color, age, gender, religion, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identification, pregnancy, military status, or ability to pay.

Any family with a child hospitalized in a local medical facility is eligible to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. Priority to stay is assessed by the social/medical needs of the family, occupancy levels of the House, and the distance traveled to obtain treatment.

Other factors that affect the ability to stay at the House may include:

    The patient receiving treatment must be eighteen (18) years of age or younger. Persons over 18 who are being treated or receiving care at a Children's Hospital may also be considered for eligibility.
    The RMH is a temporary “home away from home”. It is intended to be a temporary lodging facility for families to stay in, while their child is hospitalized in our local area. Families, who stay at the House, must have and maintain an active permanent physical address.
    The length of a family’s stay at the House is not solely determined by the length of hospitalization, and there is no guarantee as to length of stay. A family's need for continued lodging is evaluated regularly by the Family Care Coordinator and House Manager. In the event that a room is unoccupied for more than twenty four (24) hours, a guest will be asked to check out. House staff must be notified if the assigned family will be leaving for a short period only. After 30 days a family will be asked to checkout for a minimum of 48 hours. Consideration will be given to families from out of state or receiving end of life care. Patient social worker will be contacted prior to asking family to check out.
    A minor is anyone who is under the age of eighteen (18). Prospective guests under the age of eighteen (18) years old must be registered by a parent, grandparent or legal guardian. With the exception of formally structured activities, House staff and volunteers do not provide supervision for minors. Unaccompanied minor parents, who have a hospitalized child, must also be registered by a parent, grandparent or legal guardian.
    Guests are expected to empathize, understand, and be tolerant of other people’s beliefs, backgrounds and cultures. They are expected to act respectfully and appropriately at all times. Only those families who have the ability to function in a communal environment may stay at the House.
    Families not meeting the eligibility requirements will be asked to leave the Ronald McDonald House of San Diego within twenty-four (24) to seventy-two (72) hours, at the discretion of the Family Care Coordinator, House Manager or Chief Operations Officer.