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A Long Way from Home

The Williams grew up in Virginia and were grade school sweethearts. The two were married a few years ago and Christine became a stay-at-home mom to their first-born son, Amari. Mr. Williams serves in the United States Army. The Williams family recently moved to Hawaii and shortly thereafter Christine learned she was expecting their second child.

Christine had a very "normal" pregnancy, as was her first. However, hours after Jayden was born, one of his nurses noticed his breathing wasn't quite normal. He was also being treated for jaundice. Days later, his nurses knew something was not right. At one week old, the Williams were informed their newborn son had a congenital heart defect. He needed surgery, and his birth hospital was unable to perform heart surgeries on newborns. The Williams were told to go home, pack, and prepare to fly to Rady's Children's Hospital in San Diego. Within hours of receiving the news, they boarded a C-17 military plane with Jayden his four-year-old brother, two nurses a doctor and other military personal. The family was medically transported to the hospital and the following day they were admitted to the Ronald McDonald House. 


"Being able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House so close to our son and not have to worry about cooking, or doing laundry, or finding things to do to keep our other son entertained has been such a relief.  We have never been to San Diego and don't know where anything is, so the amenities and the weekly transportation to the store has been much so much help."