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A One in a Million Baby

"My name is Isabel Morse and I was living the American dream as a mother, wife and kindergarten teacher. In June 2008, my third child, Aydin, was born. Soon after he was born, my husband, Ernest, and I knew he was not healthy. In his first few weeks of life, Aydin had numerous eating and breathing complications.

At one-month old, Aydin had a gagging episode and we had to call 911. We were unable to ride in the ambulance to the hospital and I remember feeling helpless. Following the ambulance, I wondered what would happen to our baby. When we arrived at the hospital in El Centro we were told he was in desperate need of specialized care. Aydin was flown to San Diego and we frantically drove two hours from El Centro to San Diego.

Our son was hospitalized ten times in his first year of life and was recently diagnosed with a severe form of Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome. My baby's condition only affects one in a million people.

I never thought I would I need to stay at the House or have a child hospitalized. During a very difficult time for my child and family, the Ronald McDonald House has provided us with support and a home. It has been a place of refuge and a place where our family can stay together. My children especially enjoy the computer room, basketball court and love to see what's cooking in the kitchen.

I am so grateful to have the Ronald McDonald House because it provides all the comforts of home and more. The generosity has truly been a blessing in our lives, and one day, I hope to do the same for others. I am thankful for the House and all that it does."